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Guns & Ammo Necklace [Urban Jewelry Mirrors Our Troubled Times] ACME Ray Gun Pen & Pen Holder Combo [Ray Gun Desk Pen by Ben Hall] Pouyan Mokhtarani’s Ruby Rocking Chair [Inspired by the Human Form] New Decider SE Wrist Watch [Decision Making Wrist Watch for Indecisive Types] Space Invaders Ice Cubes [Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray] MotoArt Boeing 747 JetLiner Bed [Jumbo Jet Engine Nacelle Cowling Bed] Johan Lindstén’s Pixel Table [Adaptive Modular Designer Table] WorldCard Ultra Palm Sized Business Card Scanner [Keeps Contacts in Order] Kalorik Wine Cooler [Geeky Wine Cooler Promises Optimum Drinking Temperatures] 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle Adopts Truly Minimalist Approach [Have They Got it Right?] EcoSmart Zeta Fireplace [Designer Architectural Fireplace by John Dimopoulos] Dimitry Samal’s Hypnosis Chair/Lounger [Convertible Seating Solution] Hyundai MB-910 Cell/Mobile Phone Watch with Bluetooth Headset My Paper Bag [Reusable 'Quirky' Paper Bag Styled Leather Bag] Incognito Wine Bottle Accessory Kit from Sirtified [A Great Conversation Starter] Greenaid Hand Grenade Bag [Eco-Warrior’s Reusable Shopping Bag]

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