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Projects Turbino Watch [Will You be a NIMBY with this Watch?] On Time Sound Headphone System [When Technology and Fashion Could be One] Cleaning Device Will Allow Your Vinyl Collection Play on Once More [Vinyl Cleaning Device] 80 Ports USB Charger [Thanko’s 80 Ports USB Charger Board – Who Needs one of those?] Ikea Mykea [Ikea Furniture made over by Mykea] Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace [A fire for those who feel the warmth] Baita Sofa Design [The Not Just a Sofa Safo] Mathmos Aduki ni [What is the Aduki ni exactly?] Hard Graft MacBook Shoulder Sleeve [Shoulder bag for MacBook from Hard Graft] Getaway Foldable Vehicle [Getaway with yourself with this foldable Skateboard/Scooter] Joya Rocker [Rocking chairs are for life, not just for babies] Lucidi Pevere Studio’s Chop Mincing Knife [Circular knife for the chop] iPhone iBottleopener, well iNever [iPhone Case that Doubles as a Bottle Opener] Vacuum Jug Designed by Erik Magnussen [Retro Style Vacuum Jug] USB Locket by Emily Rothschild [Lose your USB Flash Drive No More] Beam Electronic Bracelet [Bracelet which beams health info to Doctor McCoy]

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