29/11/08: Latest Voting Activity on e-Potpourri [Movers & Shakers]

Want to see the latest voting activity on e-Potpourri? Now you can thanks to our new page which displays up to the minute voting activity on the site detailing the date and time the vote was cast, the item voted for (hyperlinked, of course) and the score awarded.

Latest Voting Activity on e-Potpourri [Movers & Shakers]

Also, we’ve just made a (not so) slight amendment to the rankings system as we noted that it was ranking items according to the number of votes cast rather than the actual scores awarded. This is now fixed meaning that not only do the rankings pages give a truer picture as to item standings but it allows for a great deal of movement in placements. Interesting, which ensuring all was working correctly we’ve seen a couple of items lift out of the least ranked placements thanks to singe votes whilst also seeing top ranked items according to categories jostle around quite a bit – showing that each and every single vote truly counts.

29/11/08: EP Rankings Further Enhanced with Greater Detail

Having only just got our new ranking pages up and running (see below) it occurred to us that we could take things yet further, thus offering a wider scope of ‘at a glance’ information concerning each post’s specific stats (hence being yet more transparency to the proceedings).

As a consequence, our ranking pages now not only offer an insight as to just how popular (or not) any specific item is (or isn’t) but you’ll now find additional information for each item listed – such as total views, the actual average score and the amount of votes this score results from.

Tomorrow, who knows, we might actually be able to find the time to resume posting now that these pages are completed to the best of our ability.

27/11/08: See Democracy in Action at e-Potpourri

We are overjoyed that readers of EP are extremely active in offering their feelings concerning the items we feature via our voting system, but we have been aware for a while that whilst each post shows the standing of each item in terms of average score and vote count we have offered nothing to help the reader see the overall picture in terms of what’s popular and what’s not.

We have now tacked this issue and, after a great deal of head-scratching from a coding perspective, we are happy that we can, at last, offer you a greater overall perspective as to how (and why) each and every vote counts with the addition of three new pages detailing current standings regarding the highest and lowest ranked items featured on the site.

Specifically the three new pages detail the current top fifty highest ranked items, the highest ranked items in each primary category and the lowest ranked items offering a ceaselessly up to the minute, at a glance understanding as to how you, the reader, have voted across the entire site.

You’ll find a link to our top 50 highest ranked items in the main upper navigation menu as well as below the items featured on the index pages and, just to offer that little extra convenience, you’ll also find all three rankings pages linked via the drop down navigation menu on each page (directly under the post content and directly above the voting area).

We should stress that the lists offered are updated consistently to offer a true reflection of current item standings so your votes could see immediate changes in the ordering of items in terms of popularity (and unpopularity) – thus offering a tantalising glimpse of democracy in action.

We hope that you find these new features of interest and, certainly from what we’ve seen in the small time these ranking pages have been operational, it’s fascinating to see items move around as the votes stack up.

Current Highest Rated Items On e-Potpourri

Current Highest Rated Items On e-Potpourri By Category

Current Least Rated Items On e-Potpourri