Tables, Shelves & Cupboards on e-Potpourri

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Looking for tables, shelving units and cupboards that ooze style and design innovation – e-Potpourri features some of the most innovative products currently available.

Ikea Mykea [Ikea Furniture made over by Mykea] Giant LEGO Brick Storage Box [Lego Storage Boxes for the young at heart] Wavy Shelves by Keith Moore [Moore’s Pilot Designs don’t just run by clock work] Paint Drip Table by John Nouanesing [Caught in Suspended Flux] Push Up Table by Chris Murphy [Adjustable Height, Stunning Looks] Futuristic Corian Tables by Stuart Melrose [A Playground of Light and Shadow] Johan Lindstén’s Pixel Table [Adaptive Modular Designer Table] Designer Table Football Glass Coffee Table by B.lab Italia Maarten Baas’s Designer Cupboard [Furniture From The Fringes Of A Distorted Reality] Heckler Design OneLessDesk – The Versatile Designer Computer Desk Oversized Screw Table for DIY Aficionados - Hommage to the Unseen Moooi Pig Table – The Perfect Designer Partner for your Horse Lamp The F4 Afterburner Coffee Table