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We all know we need to exercise more, the summer months are fine for going out running, but in the winter we have to make do with gym treadmills, which if you’re anything like me, bore you senseless. Technogym have come up with a Personal Treadmill that could change all that.

Sporting high tech features such as a 19” touchscreen display, iPod and iPhone integration, Nike+ support and interactive games will all make the 10km you aim to do fly by, whilst the heart rate monitor, joystick control for incline and speed and a training guide will steer you in the right direction in terms of training.

Of course, all these gadgets, whilst being brilliant, don’t take away the fact you have to put in the effort and determination to improve upon your own fitness, but at least it has a few gadgets to take away the boredom that can come with exercising indoors.

At a cost of £10,000, it isn’t cheap, but think about how cool your friends will think you are when they pop round for a beer. Oh yes, you do need to get on it occasionally otherwise it’ll just end up being a very very expensive clothes horse.

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