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Do you ever find yourself getting lost when out and about in the big wide world? Do you ever wonder what your kids get up to when they leave the house in the morning? Have you ever suspected your other half of not being entirely honest as to where they’ve been? The Mini Global GPS Tracker could be the thing for you!

The Mini Global GPS Tracker has many uses, for those who like to go walkabout and often find themselves getting lost, a ‘Help Me’ text message can be sent to an emergency contact with details of the exact location of the person lost.

For those with suspicious minds, the tracker is small enough to be slipped into a discreet pocket of a bag (or car maybe) of the person who is going to be ‘spied’ on and their whereabouts can be monitored. For children who go where no child should go, a text message can be sent to the parent with an alert. It even has a built in microphone to listen in on conversations.

All instructions are included as to how it works, you will need to supply a SIM for it, but hey, if you wish to go to the efforts of using this tracker for whatever reason, buying a SIM will not prove an obstacle at all.

At a cost of $99.99, this could either work out to be very good value for money, or if used for more devious means, it could prove to be extremely expensive.

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