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Chan Po Yee has designed these exercise sticks especially with ‘older people’ in mind, but looking at them, anyone embarking or even continuing an exercise regime might find these beneficial.

The 3 sticks, which are essentially lightweight dumbbells, all have Bluetooth connectivity which feeds data about the way you’ve exercised during a particular workout to your computer for analysis. This is done through the sticks having motion sensors and accelerometers which tracks progress made during said workout having previously switched it on and a blue light showing data is being collected.

Although Chan Po Yee has the older market in mind for these sticks, I believe that they’ve actually limited their market because the scope for anybody to improve their toning with the twists, stretches and massages it allows the user to carry out.

At the moment, this is just a concept, but if the el:Dudy makes it to the market, it’ll be a sure fire hit (and not just with the intended market!). And with the blue light, the market is spread further afield by people prone to not liking exercise, well…… the sky’s the limit!

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