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The modern man carries so much more about his person than he used to. Whether it be wallets, MP3 players, Phone with Bluetooth etc. Fashion hasn’t really kept up with the demands of carrying such accessories, that is……. until now.

The io-Jacket is a clever piece of clothing, by Londefrey, that has built-in Bluetooth, MP3 player with touch sensitive controls. It even has GPS.

Yes, that’s right. Thanks to GPSoverIP, a tracking system that allows a person to seek the wearer of the io-Jacket who can in turn upload any available information to the jacket wirelessly.

Only one has been sold for the time being and that was in a charity auction, but who knows what the future may bring. It seems a little spy-like and could be a little dangerous in the wrong hands (or should that be arms) but this concept could catch on.

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