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Most sites will be showing you the Phillips ECONOVA LED TV which has just been presented with a European Green EV 2010-2011 award from the European Imaging and Sound Association. The 42-inch TV, when eco-mode is enabled, consumes just 40W of energy (a light-bulbs worth of energy]

Made from 60% recycled materials, the panel is made from recycled aluminium and is said to have the lowest power consumption of any TV in its category. Good going we think and especially as we need to find more innovative ways of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The TV comes with a Solar-Powered Remote Control which is what we find even more interesting.

The remote control unit comes with a base which houses the solar panel. When docked, the remote control then charges, using any available daylight, ready for the next time it is needed. We were wondering about what would happen if you’re in the thick of winter and there’s little daylight. Not to worry, it’s built in accumulator allows any power reserves to be held in the unit ‘to keep the RC going, and keep you in control!’

It comes at a price of £1199 which we thought is a fair price when you add the prefix ECO to any product. Can’t help but think how much is saved by not having to buy any batteries for the RC?

[via CNET Australia]

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