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Recycling – that’s the buzz word of the modern world. We’re told ‘you must recycle,’ and asked ‘are you going to recycle that?’ amongst all other forms of ramblings. We’re expected to recycle, yet limited to a single box to place all cans, bottle and cartons in. Once a fortnight, our recyclables are collected but how much do you end up throwing away because you haven’t enough room? Nothing is the answer with the Smash Can.

Place your rubbish in the lid of this Smash Can and the rather strange looking concertina looking lid compresses it so that whatever you wish to throw is reduced dramatically in size, allowing for more recyclables to be recycled.


Not only will it compress recyclables, it will also compress your land-fill rubbish – thus reducing the volume thrown out.

This clever contraption is an IDEA Silver Award Winner – not surprising really.

[via inhabitat]

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