For the normal bloke in the street, a bike is a bike. It has two wheels, a seat, a frame and brakes that hopefully work.

But if Juri Zaech had his way, they would be way more than that. They would be a signature of who you are; a constant reminder of who are and what your name is. His concept is that the frame of the ‘Write a Bike’ is bent to spell your name. And although it is still in the build stage of design – this idea could catch on.

Want to ride tandem? Well that could be accommodated too. Billy and Sue could have their name in bike instead of on a sticker in the front windscreen of a car. Before you know it, you could have a whole throng of people grouping together to be joined by a bike frame.

Just one problem we thought of, would you really want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing what your name was?

[via Geekologie]

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