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I was right wasn’t I? You thought what on earth is it. Well, let me enlighten you. The Mathmos Aduki ni is an illuminating metallic object.

It looks like an alien egg, a prop out of any new sci-fi movie. It could be used as an ornament in a modern contemporary home. This is when it is switched off – when it is switched on (yes, another product that needs batteries), that’s when the magic apparently happens. When switched on, the Aduki ni is illuminated with a glow of colour that transitions through a whole rainbow of colours.

Find a colour you like and with the press of a button, and it will stay static on that colour. Here’s the good news… It has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 hours on a single charge.

Yes, and what exactly is it again? Mathos, the makers of the Aduki ni claim it has been designed with the indoor or outdoor life style in mind. As it is splash proof, it is ideal to use as an accent light for landscaping, ornamental or other ‘interesting purposes’.

Still no clearer? Then visit this website ThinkGeek for further information.

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