Getting about in Urban environments isn’t always an easy job but thanks to German designer Andreas Goebel, you can quite easily with the ‘Getaway’; a foldable yet versatile vehicle which allows you to get about being able to carry objects.

Made from strong and durable materials (flexible wood and fibreglass reinforced plastic structure), it has three wheels, allowing for easy manoeuvrability around town. Essentially, the Getaway looks like a skateboard but with adjustable handlebars for better control. Depending on the terrain of said urban environment, the user can pull on its rear wheel for easy carriage. What’s more, aren’t you saving the environent by not catching the bus or driving around town?

Easy to carry when not in use, it has a folding size of H180xW400xL900mm. You must agree that this does look like a grown up scooter, but why would children want to carry a crate of beer on their scooter?

Via [design blog]

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