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Have you ever had a stay in hospital and felt that you’ve been released too early as you feel like death but a little warmer? Well, if the answer is yes, then this could help with future stays and early releases (especially as hospital superbugs are so prevalent).

The “Beam” by Mexican designer Rodrigo Guadarrama is a device that is worn by the patient whilst monitoring and recording vital statistics. If anything is amiss with the health information then this is ‘beamed’ to a designated computer (either doc or relative). The aim is to allow patients to lead a life outside of hospital or the home with confidence that should their health deteriorate, someone remotely will be fed the information and help could soon be at hand.

Coming in a range of colours and worn like a bracelet, this device would not stand out like a sore thumb and draw attention to the user.

[via designblog]

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