Have you ever wondering whilst looking in the mirror what the temperature is outside, or wanted to watch a program whilst drying your hair? Well now you can thanks to the people at Cybertecture Mirror.
Cybertecture Mirror is an interactive mirror that has programmable applications making it ideal for the home, office, hairdresser, gym and you name it – it’ll come in handy. It can be used as a mirror, for health, vanity, entertainment, exercise and information.
The Cybertecture display uses a visual reflective display that makes catering for every whim with the press of a remote control extremely easy. Coming with a peripheral sensor pad, it enables the user to monitor their health and exercise regime whilst being able to communicate with your computer or mobile phone to ‘enhance your daily life’.
Pre-ordering will begin 20th December direct from Cybertecture Mirror, with a variety of coloured frames to choose from and will cost a rather cool $8000.
[via furniturefashion]

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