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Have you ever been caught out by your mobile phone running out of charge at the most inopportune moment? Not any more if Patrick Hyland gets his way.
The Concept Nokia E-Cu Phone is the brainchild of Patrick Hyland, design super-brain, who has come up with this ingenious concept. The idea is that the phone charges itself by the heat in your pocket or even on top of a radiator taking away the need for battery chargers.

It has a clever gismo inside the phone called an ‘integrated thermogenerator’ which converts heat from a given source into electrical energy via the copper casing of the phone. The heat sinks engraved into the casing represents the effect of heat on earth by looking like a dried earth (if you say so)
Hyland is hoping that by introducing this concept into the world of mobile phones, there will be less waste and will be more ecologically sound due to there being no need to make, buy and throw out battery chargers.
[via DesignLaunches.com]

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