On the whole, heath/fitness monitor watches may well suit the gym but, when it comes to everyday wear they are, from a stylistic standpoint, somewhat lacking and this is where the Suunto t3c Black Arrow watch serves to distinguish itself – as its as suited to wearing in the gym or whilst working out as it is for social occasions and eveningwear.

A health/fitness watch that positively oozes refined, up to the minute style, the Suunto t3c Black Arrow watch comes with integrated heart rate monitor as well as calorie burn display – letting you see the effect of your workouts on burning up last night’s takeout and, if you factor in optional accessories, it’ll even measure distance and speed whilst jogging so you can keep up to date with your performance levels.

The Suunto t3c Black Arrow heart rate monitor watch is scheduled for release this summer and will set you back around a not unreasonable $190.


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