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Whilst we tend to despise all thinks ‘bling’ with unabated passion we cannot help but feel obliged to bow down to magnificence that is this 1981 Atari Ring as conceived of by Sakura Shimizu.


Described as ‘a precise cast of the original Atari computer chip out of 18 karat gold’ the 1981 Atari Ring appears to be merely a concept at this stage and is therefore not available to purchase but, if it were we suspect that Shimizu would be inundated with orders from particularly flush retro gamers (of which we know a far few).

There are, as they say, exceptions to every rules and, in terms of our dislike of anything blinged-out, the 1981 Atari Ring by Sakura Shimizu is undoubtably it.

[Sakura Shimizu + BB]

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