Admittedly, these Watchman Dr Manhattan Hands are, perhaps, a little too whimsical for EP but, hey, it’s the weekend, besides in their own way these Watchman Dr Manhattan Hands strike us as being quite cool especially if you’re facing a mountain of washing up and you need all the (superhero) help you can get in ‘doing the dishes’.

We should stress, at this juncture, that we’re not even certain as to whether these Watchman Dr Manhattan Hands can actually be used as washing up gloves – and this is especially the case being that the product site doesn’t actually detail the material of manufacture – but, assuming it’s rubber, there’s no reason why these Dr Manhattan Hands cannot be utilised in your day to day fight to keep up with those dirty dishes. (We will stress, however, that we could be wrong here and these may not be suitable for the task indicated).

The Watchman Dr Manhattan Hands are currently available fro pre-order for around $24.

[urbancollector + fashionablygeek]

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