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We live in increasingly troubled times and, what with current wars and conflicts, increasing gun crimes, mass shootings and ever greater scrutiny of gun laws, who could possibly argue that this Guns & Ammo Necklace is not a fitting, and rather sobering, testament to our times.

Featuring miniature models of some of the world’s most prevalent guns – such as the Uzi and AK-47 – whether this particularly quirky jewelry merely serves to trivialise or, rather, to stands as a though-provoking statement could, we don’t doubt, be argued either ways and would, we suspect, be very much down to the opinions of the wearer, but, whether you love it or hate it the fact remains that its symbolism is wholly and increasingly apt in our turbulent age.

The Guns & Ammo Necklace, which is sure to stire debate wherever its worn, measures between 17” and just over 18” (adjustable) and will set you back $268.


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