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Perhaps you’re a pilot, perhaps a flight simmer or just perhaps your wife has a particular penchant for you dressing up as an airliner captain prior to requesting vectors to a final approach – whichever the case, this Boeing 747 JetLiner Bed from MotoArt may appeal.

Constructed using a retired (aka scrapped) Boeing 747’s engine nacelle cowling as a headboard, the MotoArt Boeing 747 JetLiner Bed comes complete with an 84” diameter round mattress and ‘and box spring for a perfect fit’ and, if you’ve ever wanted to sleep (or otherwise) on something that’s undoubtedly achieved considerable more mileage that you have, (and hence is far better travelled) here’s your opportunity.

As with a vast majority of MotoArt’s offerings, being that they are bespoke, pricing information is only available on request, but we assume that you could opt to choose the Airline logo of your choice to adorn the side of your B747 cowling bed – in which case, we’d opt for Virgin Atlantic – if only for the blissful irony.

[MotoArt via BornRich/OhGizmo]

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