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Having the distinction of being the first second (see: Retro 50’s Style ‘Mini Media Centre’ PC by Thomas Thomassen) PC case to get featured here on EP, few would argue that this Level 10 designer PC case, resulting from a collaboration between Thermaltake and those seriously switched on chaps at BMW DesignworksUSA is an object of design magnificence.

Presently only a prototype, specific details are, as you’d expect, particularly scant, though it is clear that, as is evidenced by the imagery, the Level 10 acts to compartmentalise the various major PC components whilst doffing its cap at a number of (highly industrial) architectural trends – we’re thinking specifically, and off the top of our heads, of Norman Foster and Richard Rogers here (Lloyds building in London, et al).

Interestingly, public reaction to the Level 10 PC case is evidently mixed, which perhaps doesn’t quite surprise us as much as we’d like it too. That said, we think it’s positively gorgeous – and we honestly never thought we’d find ourselves lusting over a PC case quite like this.

There’s no official word as to whether the Level 10 will see it into production, alas, but if it does you can, and this goes without saying, expect it to set you back and arm and a leg (and a spleen, liver, lungs – you get the picture).

We’ll be watching the voting on this with very great interest.


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