We’ve seen many a concept that serves to fuse timepiece and a cell phone functionalities in an, if you’ll excuse the expression, ‘urban jewelery’ package but, to date, few have managed to pull together quite as well as this On Time Headset System conceived of by Pedro Gomes.


Taking the form of a bracelet that comes complete with detachable wireless (Bluetooth) headset complete with somewhat retro styled touchscreen LCD display – which, incidentally, when removed reveals a secondary display – Pedro Gomes’s On Time Headset System is detailed by the designer thus:

‘When calling the bracelet vibrates and the caller name appears on the screen. To answer the user must touch once on the screen and to deny and stop vibration should touch twice on the touchpad screen. When answered the Bluetooth device is activated and the user is free to speak with maximum mobility and style.’

Personally, we think it all pulls together especially well, however, we would much prefer it if the device utilised e-Paper technology which would allow the On Time Headset System to be significantly reduced in bulk.


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