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Whilst Bluetooth bracelets capable of alerting you of incoming calls to your cell phone have been around for a while what makes this particular Bluetooth bracelet different is that it comes complete with integrated LCD display meaning that not only will the Bluetooth Bracelet alert you as to an incoming call by vibrating it will also allow you to identify the caller (meaning you can opt whether to take the call or not). And, if you happen to wish not to take an incoming call you can even reject it directly via the Bluetooth Bracelet – meaning that you’ll not have to fumble around to find your phone if to do so is less than convenient 9though you could, of course, just leave the caller hanging until they give up).

Ideal for those that spend a great deal of their time being indisposed in meetings and so forth, the Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display can be picked up for as little as just shy of £18 with significant discounts being offered for bulk purchases.


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