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Whilst we’ve featured a fair few lights, lamps and lighting solutions here on EP this particular light – actually a desk lamp – which is designed by Ettore Cimini and is known as the Lumina Italia Ra is certainly, in our opinion at least, quite probably one of the coolest lighting solutions we’ve yet come across.


Resembling some sort of mechanoid serpent, the Lumina Italia Ra is described as being fabricated from steel and technopolymers and utilises sillicum fibre optic cables to relay the light from a 100W fluorescent bulb down to the tips of each of its two flexible, fully adjustable arms and comes complete with dimmer control allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your requirements.

The Lumina Italia Ra designer desk lamp measures in at 260 x 1000mm (width/height) with the flexible arms reaching to a maximum radius of 700mm and is priced only on contact with the designer (meaning, as you’d expect, it won’t be cheap).

A masterpiece in lighting design, as far as we are concerned, however, as ever, the final decision as to quite how cool the Lumina Italia Ra designer desk lamp ultimately resides with you, the reader.

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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