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The mark of an inspired (perhaps ‘visionary’ would be a more apt term) designer is, surely, the ability to take what is otherwise a wholly mundane object and transform it into something of, if not beauty then, at the very least, one of enhanced desirability and, in terms of exercise bikes, designer Mark Hagen has undoubtedly done just that.

Referred to as the Revolve, Mark Hagen’s exercise bike concept serves to bring this most humble of exercise machines bang up to date (and beyond) in terms of styling and, whilst details concerning the Revolve are a little on the scant side Hagen has confirmed that the Revolve will, naturally, connect to your computer to enable you to log and analyse your workouts as well as set and achieve your goals – though the exact form of the Revolve’s connectivity remains undisclosed (we assume – or, rather, hope, its courtesy of a wireless connection as opposed to relying on cables or transferring data via USB flash memory drive).

In being a concept work of course its not commercially available but if Mark Hagen’s Revolve is anything to go by the future of exercise bikes is anything but dull.


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