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Conceived of by Australian designer Troy Blackhouse, who bills his Escapsule Chair as being aimed specifically at teenagers who ‘typically yearn for solitary time to contemplate their experiences and figure out who they are’ the Escapsule ‘provides a private space for that journey, a space to form an identity.’

Now, perhaps its just us, but quite whether it’s dawned on Blackhouse that his Escapsule positively oozes sexual connotations is open to question but the moment we set our eyes on it one thing can immediately to mind – and wasn’t how comfortable the Escapsule chair looks. No, on second thoughts, we suspect that the designer wholly intended its overtly sexual aesthetics as, really, its wholly inescapable (if you excuse the pun).

Comprising of a ‘retro style’ pink beanbag interior housed within a roto-moulded polyethylene or fibreglass exterior, we suggest that Troy Blackhouse’s Escapsule Chair is, quite possibly, the last thing any mixed up teenager needs to see at their stage in life and, frankly, even I couldn’t sit in this without feeling particularly self-conscious (and I’ve long since got over that terrible yet curiously enlivening stage in life).

No word as to whether its actually available.


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