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Having only recently featured the TokyoFlash Ni LED Watch and the TokyoFlash Kisai Denshoku LED Watch we felt somewhat compelled to offer the briefest of heads up concerning the latest in TokyoFlash’s range of ceaselessly gaudy Kisai series of LED watches – the TokyoFlash Kisai Tenmetsu.

We have, we feel, made our position clear concerning our distaste with reference to TokyoFlash’s recent releases and, being that the Kisai Tenmetsu is very much more of the same (multi-colored LED based, overly complicated and about as stylish as a traffic light) we so no particular reason to repeat, once again, why exactly it is that these watches fail to impress us. But, that said, we are aware that, for some curious reason, a few of you obviously hold them in at least some regard (though, on the whole, it’s reassuring to note that the voting on the previously mentioned TokyoFlash Ni LED Watch and the TokyoFlash Kisai Denshoku LED Watches indicate that you’re not especially enamoured with TokyoFlash’s recent offerings either).

So, what does the Kisai Tenmetsu LED Watch have to offer? Well, in terms of construction, the Kisai Tenmetsu is an aluminium affair weighing in at 100 grams and measuring 23 x 52 x 10mm which is billed as being suitable for wrist sizes up to 200mm. As far as conveying the time is concerned, once again, all too predictably, you’re looking at a series of colored LED lights lighting up to represent units of time with you being required to do the maths to work out what exactly the time was when you initially began counting the lit units, adding them together, etc, etc some 10 minutes previously (this is time telling for those you positively therefore yearn to live in the past).

The TokyoFlash Kisai Tenmetsu, which, surely, would serve only to impress those just out of nappies, will set you back around $257.


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