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Yes, we will admit, this Stickman Action Figure is so highly whimsical in nature that it may, just may, serve as an apt example as to the very meaning of the word but there is something about this Stickman Action Figure, which allows you to invent your own warning signs, that really appeals to us. Its fun. And its fun in a particularly creative fashion – and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

Consisting of a stickman action figure billed as offering 16 points of articulation (plus 2 more when you connect it to the base) – which is, with my increasing years, probably more than I can admit to having – the scope for creating amusing warning signs to display as mere ornamentation is almost endless (though, its not of course, actually endless as….).

You could buy two sets and make your own Kama Sutra warning signs – just how many signs you can make could, just could, particularly impress a potential mate – but you’d probably already thought of that, hadn’t you?

The Stickman Action Figure, which measures in at 3.75” in height, will set you back just shy of $12 and for those that think this isn’t cool – and therefore is non-deserving of its place here on EP – I challenge you to avail yourself of one and see what your guests think. Oh, and we will say we told you so, by the way.

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