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We have, on more than a few occasions, questioned why it is that seemingly needless over-complication appears to be the route many a watch maker takes when trying to appeal to the modern man when, sometimes (in fact, more times than not), simple effective design can undoubtedly hit the mark, as is the case with these V.01 LCD digital LCD watches from Void Watches.

There are, of course, exceptions to the above ‘rule’ – the previously featured and not unremarkable Franc Vila FVa Nº 6 Tourbillon Planétaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept Watch, the Harry Winston Retro Opus 8 Mechanical Digital Watch and the jaw dropping Zenith El Primero Zenith Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon Wrist Watch are but three exceptions – but the level of complexity offered by these timepieces is wholly merited as opposed to the ‘complication for complication’s sake’ offered by others – take the TokyoFlash Fire Animated LED Digital Watch as a prime example in this respect. But, where this Void V.01 Minimalist Digital LCD Wrist Watch excels is, beyond doubt, its simple design effectiveness.

The Void V.01 is a time piece. It conveys the time (albeit with more than a passing nod to digital watches of old) and, frankly, it’s happy with that. And so are we. The result is a feeling of design confidence, a feeling of accept me for what I am and, let’s be honest here, such a degree of self belief is deliciously refreshing.

These Void V.01 wrist watches comes in a range of finishes and are being made available on a strictly limited edition basis of just 500 units each and retail at around $166 (circa €129) a pop.

Void [+Technabob]

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