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Following on from the previously featured Michelangelo’s Clock – a design from which this Triangle Wooden LED Clock seems all too overtly to have been inspired by – this wooden LCD clock seems very much to be designed with those who have an particular aversion to plastic (the material most often used for such devices) in mind.

Just like the Michelangelo’s Clock, this Triangle Wooden LED Clock displays the time using an LCD display that appears through the outer wooden casing giving it the appearance as if the time is being focused onto what is, in essence, a block of wood from an unseen projection type clock what with the hour and minutes – and, for that matter the date and temperature (depending on what mode you’ve selected – hovering across the wood surface and, were we especially into wood (we’re not as it so happens) we’d probably consider having this sat on our desk.

The Triangle Wooden LED Clock measures in at 21 x 9 x 9cm and is mains powered without offering the choice of battery power – which is a shame as there’s no doubt that the trailing electricity cable is rather unsightly and somewhat takes away from the overall feel of the design. But, as they say, you can’t have it all.

Homeloo [+Technabob]

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