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Whilst there have been a few TokyoFlash digital watches we’ve actually quite liked, the latest offering from the masters of obscure time telling devices, the TokyoFlash Fire LED watch, undoubtedly marks a particularly accomplished return to ‘form’ in terms of what TokyoFlash excel positively at – and that’s overt aesthetic brashness.

Consisting of an array of multi-colored LEDs housed behind a stainless steel grill, few, if any, could genuinely think that the TokyoFlash is either cool or refined unless, of course, they think that having a mini fairground of lighting strapped to their wrist is something that will leave others swooning.

TokyoFlash, in our opinion, need to look to stop appealing to 14 year olds who still think multi-colored lights are snazzy and, if you’ll excuse us for cutting straight to the chase, they really need to take a more refined, elegant and ultimately more mature aesthetic standpoint if they want to produce watches that appeal to those of us out of nappies. And it’s not that they can’t do this, as we’ve seen in the past – but the Fire LED watch, is nothing short of a design monstrosity (though we accept that it would appear to be all too evidently ‘uncool’ not to positively salivate over just about anything TokyoFlash come up with).

The TokyoFlash Fire LED Watch. We don’t like it – but you’d probably gathered that.

TokyoFlash [via Geek Alerts]

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