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We’ve all been caught out by the weather with temperatures differing greatly from those predicted but thanks to this smart thermostat known as the Ecobee you need never be caught out by the temperature again as the Wi-Fi enabled Ecobee will allow to adjust your home’s heating settings remotely via the net – but the Ecobee’s functionality doesn’t just stop there.

Not does the Wi-Fi Ecobee offer you the capability to fine tune your home’s heating from afar via the world wide web, allowing you to turn the heating up or down depending on requirements (you need never come home from work to a cold house again) but it also offers the potential for energy suppliers to communicate with home owners – for example, to advise as to particularly heavy power consumption or to relay energy saving tips. Interestingly, especially for those of our readers based in the increasingly flood-prone UK, it could also be used to alert you as to flood warnings and well as other severe weather warnings.

Set to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2009, the Ecobee Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat will set you back around $385 (approximately £240).


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