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Gadgets that utilise soundscapes to promote a sense of calmness and wellbeing are by no means anything new, but what makes this gadget from ASTI, known as the Ecotones Ambient Adaptive Sound Therapy System, different is that it can adapt its soundscapes dynamically to your surroundings enabling it to cancel out sudden noises such as car horns, raised voices, and so fourth – ensuring that you remain in a state of blissful repose regardless of what’s happening in the world outside.

Offering the choice of a range of background ambient sounds such as rain, waves, meadow and the crackling fireplace, ASTI’s Ecotones device also conjures randomised ‘complimentary’ sounds ensuring that it’s acoustic environments avoid repetition and, thanks to the recordings being replicated in 18-bit quality (CD quality is 16-bit) you can be sure that this particular device offers a relaxing ambient soundscape of a quality far removed from those cheap ambient clocks that make rolling waves sound like mere electronic static.

That said, at just shy of $300 a pop, the ASTI Ecotones Ambient Adaptive Sound Therapy System is undoubtedly aimed at those who take chilling out especially seriously.


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