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Whilst there is little in the way of information concerning this video and MP3 boom box by William Kang, known as the 9999 Boom Box – actually, in truth, there appears to be nothing in the way of supporting information or detail whatsoever – as a concept, from the standpoint initial casual observation at least, the device certainly boasts considerable appeal not without a particular ‘wow’ factor – hence its appearance here on EP.

Offering both MP3 digital audio and video output, courtesy of an embedded screen, (maiding it more of a PMP), William Kang’s 9999 Boom Box, not withstanding its somewhat uninspiring name, serves to offer a tantalising glimpse into the future of a device that’s undoubtedly begging to be brought right up to date both in terms of functionality and style thought we can only hazard a guess at is capabilities.

Is a DAB receiver included? What video file formats would it be compatible with, would it offer more than just MP3 audio file format capabilities and what does it offer in terms of storage capabilities, storage expandability (does it have an integrated memory card reader, for example) and what does it offer in terms of connectivity. USB? Wi-Fi (allowing for streaming)?

Your guess is as good as ours, certainly, but the more we think about what such a device could offer the more exciting the prospect of William Kang’s 9999 Video & MP3 Boom Box Concept becomes.

Of course, quite whether it’ll ever make it any further than being merely conceptual, well, that’s just another question to add to the already expansive list.


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