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Whilst not billed as being retro styled, there no doubt that this scale, known simple as ‘The Easiest To Read Digital Scale’ (it’s a Hammacher Schlemmer product, in case you hadn’t guesses) certainly boasts a gloriously retro themed style with its large, blocky display and black and white finish.

Capable not only as serving as a standard scale offering precise weight measurement in 0.2-lb. increments (up to a maximum of 400-lb) but also as a body-analyzing scale capable of measuring several critical health metrics such as body fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, body mass index, and basal metabolic rate, this Hammacher Schlemmer scale even comes with a memory function capable of storing data for up to 12 individuals.

Boasting delectable styling with a host of cutting edge functionality, these Easiest To Read Digital Scales retail for just shy of $100.

Hammacher Schlemmer [via Dvice]

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