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As far as portable speakers go, few can boast quite the level of portability or quite the degree of desirability as this mini, wooden strap speaker unit from i-Dear known somewhat inventively as Woodspeaker.

Measuring in at a mere 24x12x56mm, the i-Dear WoodSpeaker may not offer audiophile quality sound reproduction or a particularly high output – the speaker manages a mere 1.5W – but what it lacks in these respects it certainly makes up in terms of sheer cuteness and, thanks to coming complete with an integrated Li-Polymer battery which can be recharged via USB it certainly manages to pack in the (somewhat limited) functionality into a particularly small package that can easily be attached to your cell phone or popped with ease into even the tightest of pockets.

The i-Dear WoodSpeaker retails for around $23/£12/€15.


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