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Quirky 4 Inch High Heel Canvas Sneaker Ankle Boot

We’ve seen footwear that resemble bare feet in the form of the Barefoot Performance Footwear by FiveFingers and we’ve even featured designer patent shoes featuring misplaced heels in the form of Marc Jacobs’ Runway Patent Peep Toe Shoes and now, to add to our quirky footwear collection, we have these High Heel Canvas Sneaker Ankle Boots sporting a 4” heel which, quite probably, slot neatly in at first place as far as curious footwear on EP is concerned.

Known as the High Heel Coverse Style Sport Costume Boots (to accord them their official title) these deliciously bizarre ankle boots even come with pointed toe and are presently being offered at a knock down price of a mere $20 a pair.

Now, be sure to form an orderly queue ladies.

Electric Boutique [+via TGITGD]

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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