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Webble Footrest

Officially the first ever entry of a footrest here on EP, the innovative Webble footrest as far removed from the dull footrest you’ve probably become accustomed too.

Webble Footrest Detail

Seemingly inspired by a skateboard in terms of both shape and design, the Webble is mounted on four smooth gliding casters with sprung suspension allowing you to move your legs whilst seated at your desk subsequently working to maintain a healthy blood flow – thus serving to combat the bouts of cramps and spasms associated with prolonged periods of inaction.

A simple yet highly effective idea, if items were to be judged solely on their ‘fun appeal’ we don’t doubt that the Webble would be an extremely high entry in terms of our top ten highest rated items. We want one and we suspect that we’re not in the minority.


How Cool is This? You Decide.


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