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Personal Oxygen Bar

Many a nurse will, strictly off the record of course, freely admit to taking a few swift lungfuls of oxygen when putting in the hours on the night shift in order to keep them alert and focused and now, thanks to this Personal Oxygen Bar, you too can inhale a touch of the good stuff to pep you up when tiredness or stress conspire to get you down.

Based around a quiet compressor, the Personal Oxygen Bar draws in standard air containing (usually) just 21% oxygen through two sets of filters, serving to remove impurities such as dust and pollen, prior to the device acting to ‘isolate’ the oxygen so as to increase its concentration to around 27% – the resulting flow subsequently being delivered for inhalation via a tube to the included headset.

The Personal Oxygen Bar comes with 10 and 30 minute sessions as presets and will even play soothing musical patterns as it delivers the purified air and, whilst by no means as effective as a burst of pure oxygen, using this device is far safer from a health perspective than resorting to designer oxygen cylinders – and, in the long term, a great deal cheaper.

The Personal Oxygen Bar retails for just shy of $300.


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