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Designer Ferrari Leather Arm Chair

Ordinarily if a product site can seemingly barely be bothered to offer even the most cursory of product descriptions we simply won’t feature them on EP but, in the case of this fabulous Ferrari Leather Arm Chair we have to make an exception, simply because this chair is an absolute gem.

In honesty, the more we look at this chair the more we come to the conclusion that this chair, in being called the Ferrari Chair, looks exactly as it should with its reclined seat, spoiler like headrest and overbearing styling that, certainly in the case of this chair, boasts what we can best describe as a somewhat cartoonesque appeal.

It’s bold, its brash and its totally exquisite and it’s yours for $899 with a white leather version serving to add a further $45 to the bill (quite right too – anyone who opts for a white version over red, considering this chair’s title, really ought to be penalised).


How Cool is This? You Decide.


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