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Ora Unica Designer Wrist Watch

Whilst there are many innovative takes on wrist watch design, more than a few of which we’ve featured here on EP (see our highly selective Wrist Watches category for examples) this Ora Unica – meaning ‘one hour’ – wrist watch concept from Denis Guidone offers a beautifully playful take on analogue based time telling that is at once both striking and beautifully unassuming.

Taking the form of two circular dials that turn to indicate the hour and minute, onto which a single line, very much taking the form of some kind of doodle (scribble seems too harsh a term, and not at all fitting) is drawn. The result is a dynamic, constantly evolving drawing – termed somewhat poetically as a ‘graphical gesture’ by the designer – that serves to convey the time in what is a wonderfully casual take on traditional time telling.

Interestingly, we have noted that a couple of other sites who have just featured the Ora Unica appear to be rather confused as to quite how the watch actually conveys the time but, unless we have completely the wrong end of the stick, it seems obvious to us that both ends of the doodle serve as the indicators of both hour and minute.

The Ora Unica is at the conceptual stage at the time of writing, so, alas, you cannot avail yourself of one of these watches at the time of writing, however, it’s realisation ought not to prove especially taxing or tedious to manufacture so we would hope to see this commercially available soon – not least because we suspect that we’re not the only ones to be struck by its appeal.

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