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Meridian Ferrari F80 High Performance Sound System

It goes without saying that the moment you stick a logo such as Ferrari’s onto just about anything you can expect to pay a premium and, in this respect, the Meridian Ferrari F80 High Performance Sound certainly does not disappoint.

Designed with high-end, ‘audiophile’ quality sound reproduction squarely in mind, the Meridian Ferrari F80 utilises powerful neodymium magnets, a die cast chassis, high-temperature voice-coils and carefully-designed cones fashioned from magnesium and aluminium alloy as well as onboard DSP technology and active equalisation, ensuring that the sound, regardless of equalizer settings, is always perfectly balanced.

Meridian Ferrari F80 High Performance Sound System Detail

Available in silver, yellow, black, white and, of course, red, the Meridian Ferrari F80 can play CDs (containing either standard audio or MP3/WMA file formats), DVDs, offers DAB, AM and FM radio and, naturally, comes with iPod connectivity and, whilst undoubtedly a highly desirable piece of kit, one can only wonder who will part with the wholly stupefying sum of $2995 to own one.

Admittedly, as far as capabilities are concerned, we’ve barely scratched the surface, but, as good as this Meridian Ferrari F80 High Performance Sound System undoubtedly looks and no doubt sounds, we suspect that few will be willing to fork out the best part of $3000 to experience this Meridian Ferrari F80 in all its glory at first hand.

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