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Retro Cool Mini C-60 Cassette Tape Earrings

Just about anything that serves to pay homage to the cassette tape is, within reason, going to be deemed as cool by us here at EP and these ‘cute’ (please ignore that we resorted to employing that particular word) Mini Cassette Earrings are, let’s be honest here, quite adorable.

Dangling on the end of Sterling silver threads measuring between 2-3”, each of these cassette tapes (which, incidentally, even have ribbon tape inside) have been designed to be light whist offering suitably gaudy details (but it just wouldn’t be the same without them, would it).

A great, though admittedly somewhat whimsical finishing touch for those looking for a little retro inspired adornment that’s not afraid to be playful (just like you, perhaps) these Mini C-60 Cassette Tape Earrings retail for $14 the pair.

No they’re not designer, and no, they’re not hideously expensive but one’s thing is for certain, they convey a sense of fun and an overtly retro appeal that’s simply impossible to dismiss out of hand. Of course we fully accept that the male vote may count against us here but we have faith that the female readership (and we know that EP has quite a female following) will see to it that male opinion serves not to dominate in terms of the voting – though time, of course, will tell.


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