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Hand Made Recycled Safety Pin Telephone Wire Cuff Bracelets

When it comes to jewelery and accessories you’ll find that we try our utmost here at EP to feature items that you may not otherwise have comes across and that offer a certain novelty or non-mainstream style, and these hand made Safety Pin Cuff Bracelets certainly tick all the boxes in this respect.

Hand Made Recycled Safety Pin Telephone Wire Cuff Bracelets 2

Hand made in South Africa from recycled safety pins, telephone wire and computer cable, these Safety Pin Cuff Bracelets come in two sizes (large and small) and, apart from serving as an invaluable source of income to those less fortunate than many of ourselves these rather novel bracelets also serve to utilise items that would otherwise no doubt be destined for landfill.

Billed as being ‘colourful, a little tough, a little playful, and one hundred percent unique’, these Safety Pin Cuff Bracelets not only look positively striking but they’ll also no doubt serve to appease your eco-aware sensibilities and retail for $34 and $40 for the small and large sizes respectively.


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