Blomus Humydo Humidifier

We will never tire of reiterating that just about anything can, with a little design flair and creative ingenuity, become supremely desirable however mundane it may inherently be and, by way of yet another example, we have this Blomus Humydo Humidifier which is undoubtedly a masterstroke of modern design elegance.

Sporting minimal, highly sculptural aesthetics, the Blomus Humydo Humidifier is formed of stainless steel and works passively, without power, courtesy of a water reservoir which, when the unit is placed near a heat source (such as a radiator) will act to slowly release moisture into the air.

Ultimately one could argue that paying around $81 for what is, in essence, simply a curved block of metal is questionable but if you’re looking for a minimalist, modern humidifier that not only looks stunning but that, thanks to being passive, boasts eco-credentials this Blomus Humydo Humidifier is certainly worth consideration – if only as a sumptuous decorative piece.

AllModern [via NotCot]

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2 Responses to “Anatomically Correct Hand Blown Heart Vase Reminds Us Of Our Mortality”

  • Sam Says:

    It’s pretty cool, but its blue and purple stylings and general look resemble a bong too much for me to really take it seriously.

  • EP Says:

    Hi Sam,

    That’s one thing that didn’t occur to us, I have to confess – and I suspect that would be seen as a bonus by a few.