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Stylish Black Tissues

Sometimes the most simple of changes can make such a difference as is evidenced by these stylish back tissues, presented, of course, in a black box which are now available in Japan.

Great for those looking to infuse otherwise mundane items with a style injection, or just for Gothic types who have succumbed to a cold or the flu (life, eh?), these black tissues are a refreshing change from the dull white/cream coloured traditional tissue though, arguably, the introduction of black die hardly makes them especially environmentally friendly.

That said, if you happen to be looking to purchase these black tissues outside of Japan the only retailer we can locate who supplies them insists that you purchase at least 20 (yes 20) boxes for a whopping $150 which, at 160 tissues per box, equates to a total of 3200 tissues.

Japan Trend Shop [via]

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