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Recycled Aluminium Soda Pop Top Handmade Chain Mail Belt

Some time ago we featured a couple of Crocheted Recycled Aluminum Can Pull Tab Bags which have gained a vote of confidence by the discerning readers of EP so when we happened across these Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop-Top Handmade ‘Chain Mail’ Belts we knew we should feature them here – not least because they would compliment the aforementioned bags beautifully.

Recycled Aluminium Soda Pop Top Handmade Chain Mail Belt 2

Handmade from canned drinks ring pull tabs and available in a range of styles and colours these belts, apart from sporting green credentials, are adjustable to suit various sizes and retail for between around $55 and $60 each – which, considering that they are handmade, is far from unreasonable.


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