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Sands and Time Digital Wrist Watch

Admittedly at the time of writing the Sand + Time Digital Wrist Watch is merely at the conceptual stage but whether the design ever actually sees the light of day as a commercial product or not (and we sincerely hope it does) we positively love it – if only for its quirkiness.

Sands and Time Digital Wrist Watch Detail

Serving as a standard though rather fetching digital watch the Sand + Time designed by Pavel Balykin serves as a somewhat traditional digital watch displaying the hour and minutes with numbers but, cleverly, also comes with a screen saver that displays a digital hour glass when not in use. Agreed, an hour glass strapped to your wrist may be of little actual use in day to day life but it’s certainly an eye-catching addition that’s sure to appeal to the geeks amongst you as well as to those who are obsessed with the passing of time.

Very cool.

Balykin Design [via Yanko Design]

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