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Designer Bra Bag Brag

As far as bags go, this Bra(g), which has been specifically designed to help you transport your bras whilst out and about certainly brought a smile to our faces here at EP and the universal opinion here is that these Bra(g)’s are not only unashamedly novel and somewhat tongue-in-cheek but that they’re certainly not lacking in that all important ‘wow’ factor.

Designer Bra Bag Brag denim

Available in two sizes – the Bra(g) Original being designed for bras ranging from size C to size D cups, whilst the Buxom Bra(g) caters for sizes up to a G cup – the Bra(g) Designer Bra Travel Bag comes in a host of designs including polka dots and denim and retail for around $50 – $55 each depending on sizing.


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